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Is the FMT process painful?

FMT clinicians administer transplants direct to the colon, using a paediatric catheter to enhance client comfort. Patients report that the procedure is painless.

How is the implant administered?

A few FMT researchers use a ‘top-down” process where a nasogastric tube is inserted and tracked down through the esophagus and stomach, sometimes into the duodenum.

For a number of reasons (which include client comfort) most practitioners prefer to use a rectal catheter infusion of the implant that delivers the transplanted gut flora directly to the large bowel (colon).

Can FMT be used to treat children?

In UK law, only paediatricians with a current medical licence can treat children under the age of 16. Therefore, at present UK based clinics CANNOT accept children under the age of 16 as clients.

It is an emotive subject and we fully understand parents’ desperation when they contact us for advice.

FMT is still in a research phase and UK law has a strong view on parents who attempt a non-clinical and “experimental” treatment on a child.

Taymount Bahamas Clinic has a resident paediatrician and will consider clients between the ages of 5 and 18. Each case is considered on its own merit through consultation and of course, travel to The Bahamas is necessary for any FMT programmes offered.

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