Digestive Health Center Of Thousand Oaks

Digestive Health Center Of Thousand Oaks

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  • Location: 3510 N. Moorpark Road, Suite 101, Thousand Oaks, California 91360, USA
  • Email: info@digestivehealthto.com
  • Phone: (805) 492-9000

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Gastrointestinal Diseases
We treat disorders such as trouble swallowing, sore throat, throat clearing, chest burning, heartburn, indigestion, excessive belching, abdominal distention, stomach pain, ulcers, changes in bowel habits, flatulence, bleeding, hemorrhoids and other intestinal conditions.

Liver Diseases
We treat disorders of the liver and pancreas such as Cirrhosis, Alcoholic Liver Disease, Fatty Liver, all types of Hepatitis (A, B, and C), AutoImmune Hepatitis, PSC, PBC and other acute and chronic liver conditions.

Gastrointestinal Procedures
We are exceptionally skilled in performing gastrointestinal tract endoscopy procedures such as Upper Endoscopy, Enteroscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP, and 10 years of experience performing Fecal Transplants to cure C.Difficile Colitis.